Living in Costa Rica: a 6-month review

I can’t believe that we’ve already been living in Costa Rica for six months. We are halfway through our one-year abroad and have already experienced so much and yet, have many more things to check off our Costa Rica Wanderlist. Life definitely looks different for us these days since moving here and adapting to theContinue reading “Living in Costa Rica: a 6-month review”

Two Months In Costa Rica: Settling in and Lessons Learned

It’s been 2 months (plus a bit) since we have relocated our lives to Costa Rica and boy, what a whirlwind it has been. Time needs to sloooow down! Settling (but not in the bad way) As it goes with moving anywhere, there is always an adjustment period where you are figuring out your newContinue reading “Two Months In Costa Rica: Settling in and Lessons Learned”