Our Next Great Adventure

The rumours are true: WE ARE MOVING TO COSTA RICA!!!

Let me just say: life is wild. It is unpredictable, serendipitous, exciting and…wild.

One week, we are talking about planting roots and buying a house and the next, we are planning to pack up our lives and move to another country. Wild.

So why the heck are we moving to Costa Rica?! Believe it or not, this was not an Erica-initiated move. Rob has been asked to relocate to his company’s San Jose office for a year and with only a little bit of gentle persuasion from me, it was decided that this was an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up.

We’ll be living in San Jose for the next year and making frequent visits back to Canada both for work and play, so no need to miss us too hard! We’ll be back! That being said, any and all visitors are welcomed!

So, Rob will be taking over the Costa Rica office and I, well, I’ll be taking over our condo with my own work space and working remotely for my current job.

It is not lost on me how lucky and #blessed (read: privileged) we are to be given this opportunity and for everything to fall into place at exactly the right time to allow us to say ‘yes’ to this. My travel-loving, adventure-seeking, little heart is bursting and I can’t wait to share this crazy, wild ride with you all.

Follow along with us on the ‘gram with #robericadoescostarica .

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead. — JRR Tolkein

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