Celebrating Year 3 of Marriage in Uvita

Can you believe it has been three years already? No, me either! Yet, here we are, three years later continuing to embrace all our adventures and misadventures together. We have made it a tradition that we go somewhere every year to celebrate our anniversary and have some quality time to connect. This year was no different. So, to celebrate year 3 of marriage, we jetted off for a 3-day weekend away in the most beautiful Uvita.

The Accommodations

I booked this trip before we even arrived to Costa Rica and was most excited about this weekend. Mostly because we had booked what looked like the most incredible hotel and boy, it did not disappoint! We stayed in our own private glass villa with a view overlooking the pacific ocean. The hotel had the most stunning infinity pool and the sweetest staff.

Pictures don’t do it justice, but here are a few to give you glimpse into our little piece of paradise:

  • Enjoying the pool
  • Oxygen Jungle Villas infinity pool

One of the perks of traveling for a special occasion is that you get a little bit spoiled. When we returned to our room after a day of adventures, we found a bottle of champaign, some beautiful tropical flowers, and the sweetest letter. They also provided us with a delicious fruit platter while we were chilling by the pool. Seriously, I’m never going to stop raving about this place.

Not only was the room incredible, the property is equally amazing. It had some little hiking trails to a waterfall which we got to enjoy all alone. Just us and nature and all the bugs Rob found along the way. Pura vida!

The Beach

We did eventually leave the property to explore the sites around Uvita. Marino Ballena National Park is one of the popular destinations of the area where a sand and rock formation appears as a whale tail. Only at low tide, thought. We missed that memo. But, we, of course, had to check it out. We arrived, without much of a plan, at high tide. So we sat on the beach and waited for the tide to go out before we could explore all around the whale tail. While waiting, we learned that you should never sit under a coconut tree as coconuts may spontaneously drop and nearly knock you out. Luckily, it was only a near miss.

  • Uvita Beach at Whale Tale

The Waterfalls

We also went to Nauyaca waterfalls where we hiked in and out, which somehow felt all uphill, both ways. On our hike to the waterfall, Rob nearly got hit with a flying mango. Perhaps karma for laughing when I almost got knocked out by a coconut. Monkeys were hanging out and having lunch in the trees above us. They seemed to be having a grand time eating mangos and dropping them onto innocent hikers passing by.

The Beer

We rewarded ourselves after the waterfall hike with a trip to a local brewery. Worth it! One of our favourite activities is trying out different breweries and beers and this one, was excellent. We bought some freshly canned beer and called it a day.

After all the excitement of the weekend, we headed back to San José. What we anticipated being a four hour drive was actually closer to seven. This was due to some national protests blocking all the major roads. Luckily, we do not go anywhere without our game of travel crib and deck of cards. So while we waited, we had ourselves a competitive card game while stuck in traffic.

I still dream about this weekend we had in Uvita and cannot wait find more magical places in Costa Rica that continuously take my breath away.

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