Hiking the Mountains in Escazu: a photo journey

In case you were unaware, I love mountains. I love them for so many reasons: how beautiful they are, the challenge they pose when climbing them. But perhaps, mostly because they remind me how insignificant we are in all of the grandness that mother earth made them to be. Mountains always seem to bring me perspective. So, when I have a chance to hike a mountain, I take it.

Every day, I look at the Escazu Mountains (I actually don’t know what the mountain range is named) from the balcony in awe. I love watching the sun illuminate them in the mornings and hide behind it in the evenings. I love how the clouds hover over it like a blanket and how the city lights twinkle in the rolling hills below it. But I had only seen it from afar and I was itching to see it up close and personal.

My mountain.

So on a Sunday afternoon, we decided to hike the mountains in Escazu (a neighbourhood in San Jose). We wanted to do a “short and moderate” hike to see both, the mountain and the city, from a new perspective. It was anything but moderate and it may have been short but it was all vertical which made it feel very long.

Here are some photos that we documented along the journey:

Hiking trail
Start of the hike on this lovely Costa Rican Road.
Hiking incline
Starting out on the steep incline along the mountain ridge.
Hiking views of a Christmas tree farm
Pit stop to look over the Christmas tree farm that looks over San José.
Terrain of the hiking trail up the mountain
The trail is getting a little trickier to find in all the bushes.
Terrain of the steep hiking trail
Picture for a perspective of how steep this hike was.
Passing cows along the hiking trail.
Pit stop to make new friends…and catch our breath.
Mountain cows along the hiking trail
Bye, mountain cow friend.
Exhaustion from hiking a steep mountain
Still standing!
San Jose Views
Unreal views of our home.
Steep hiking trails up the Escazu mountain
So steep.
Hiking trail terrain
Don’t slip on the way down!!
San Jose city landscape view
A sprawling city. Somewhere in there is our condo!
Views of San Jose Costa Rica
San José from a new perspective.
Making decisions on the hiking trail
Deciding to turn back before we reached the top to avoid getting caught in the rain.
Feeling defeated by the mountain
Feeling defeated because we didn’t reach to top.
Road back to the trailhead
Back to where we began.
The deepest pot holes
Evidence of the deep potholes.
Views of the mountain we hiked from our balcony
Cloud covered mountain.

Next time when we hike the mountains in Escazu, we will be more prepared and we will make it to the top. Until then, I’ll continue admiring the mountains from afar.

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