A Peek into Our Neighbourhood: Granadilla, Costa Rica

mountains and trees at sunset

When the global pandemic reached Costa Rica, like in many other countries, everything came to a halt. We have both been working from home and staying inside. However, one can only stay inside for so long. So, we started going on afternoon walks to explore our neighbourhood which, admittedly, we haven’t really done since we moved here. For the majority of our time here, we drove to most places which can be a rather stressful experience (read about our driving experience here). Exploring on our feet has been much more therapeutic.

In this process of exploring the neighbourhood, we have found so many beautiful sights that I thought I’d share with you here.

Neighbourhood Nature

It’s hard not to stop and smell the flowers along our walks with all the colourful, tropical plants we stumble upon along the way.

green vine wall sidewalk
Gated community gate with palm trees

Neighbourhood Pets

My favourite part of our neighbourhood adventures is making friends with all the neighbourhood animals. We bring apples and carrots to a horse up the road. I stop by Floof dog to give some chin scratches and we have a little kitty cat around the condo that comes for food from time to time.

Finding Neighbourhood Green Spaces

After working from home in our condo for weeks on end, we crave some wide open spaces. And we found just the place.

green space at sunset with trees

We accidentally stumbled upon an active coffee farm as we were exploring what we thought was an abandoned coffee farm. We knew that there was this green space close to our house. However, we didn’t know how to access it. One day, while walking along the train tracks, we found an entryway to the green space. To our surprise, it was a lush coffee farm. Walking through the coffee farm and seeing the rows and rows of coffee trees was a very cool experience. But also nerve wracking because we probably should not have been there…


My love for mountains continues. The best part about our neighbourhood is that no matter where we walk, mountains are in sight.

mountains looking over Conception

We have now explored most of the neighbourhoods in our area and have found roads and fields and animals that have made our hearts content. We are definitely going to miss these close to home adventures.

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