Taking the Plunge: How to Decide to Move to Another Country

I will admit decision making is not one of my strengths, particularly when it comes to major life events. I am the type the agonizes over every option and breaks down every scenario, making endless pro and con list, and then when a decision has been made, I begin the doubting phase. This is probablyContinue reading “Taking the Plunge: How to Decide to Move to Another Country”

Our Next Great Adventure

The rumours are true: WE ARE MOVING TO COSTA RICA!!! Let me just say: life is wild. It is unpredictable, serendipitous, exciting and…wild. One week, we are talking about planting roots and buying a house and the next, we are planning to pack up our lives and move to another country. Wild. So why theContinue reading “Our Next Great Adventure”