Moving to Costa Rica: Our Process in Making the Move

Let me tell you, moving to a new country is no joke. There are so many things to consider and do and pack and unpack and organize and it’s exhausting just thinking about it. And doing it in a condensed amount of time makes it that much more chaotic. It seemed that throughout this process,Continue reading “Moving to Costa Rica: Our Process in Making the Move”

Taking the Plunge: How to Decide to Move to Another Country

I will admit decision making is not one of my strengths, particularly when it comes to major life events. I am the type the agonizes over every option and breaks down every scenario, making endless pro and con list, and then when a decision has been made, I begin the doubting phase. This is probablyContinue reading “Taking the Plunge: How to Decide to Move to Another Country”

Our Next Great Adventure

The rumours are true: WE ARE MOVING TO COSTA RICA!!! Let me just say: life is wild. It is unpredictable, serendipitous, exciting and…wild. One week, we are talking about planting roots and buying a house and the next, we are planning to pack up our lives and move to another country. Wild. So why theContinue reading “Our Next Great Adventure”